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Out of all the notorious serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer is one of a kind.

His calm voice and honesty regarding his crimes make him creepier.

He has been named the Milwaukee Cannibal for his gruesome deeds. But there’s more to know about this terrifying person.

Here are 30 bone-chillingfacts about Jeffrey Dahmer that you should know.

Jeffrey Dahmer was born at Evangelical Deaconess Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on May 21, 1960. This makes his zodiac sign Gemini – known for having a dual personality.

In May 1978, Jeffrey Dahmer graduated from high school at Revere High School. He then went to Ohio State University to pursue a business major but got expelled in the first semester due to his drinking problem and poor grades.

Dahmer’s dorm was at Morrill Tower, and some residents think he’s still haunting the building.

Jeffrey Dahmer joined the army after failing to finish college. He was trained to become a combat medic at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, and eventually deployed to Baumholder, West Germany. He only lasted two years in the military as he got an honorable discharge in March 1981. He was also kicked out of the military for his alcoholism.

Preston Davis, one of the people he harassed in the army, said that Dahmer would brag about his first victim when drunk.

Three weeks after graduating high school, Jeffrey Dahmer committed his first murder. Dahmer killed an 18-year-old hitchhiker named Steven Hicks by hitting the back of Hicks’ head with a dumbbell. After this criminal incident, it took Dahmer almost a decade before he killed his next victim.

Jeffrey Dahmer was the one who named his younger brother, David. They were separated after their parents got divorced in 1978. There’s little to no information about David since he legally changed his name to start a new life. What was only disclosed by Lionel Dahmer, their father, was that David already has a career and a family.

Numerous singers included Jeffrey Dahmer in their lyrics, which caused fans to criticize their old songs. Some examples are Eminem’s Bagpipes from Baghdad and Must Be the Ganja, Katy Perry’s Dark Horse, and Kesha’s Cannibal.

Jeffrey Dahmer worked a lot of odd jobs for a living. After serving in the army, he worked at a delicatessen in Miami, Florida. His subsequent work was at the Milwaukee Blood Plasma Center, where Dahmer worked as a phlebotomist. Dahmer’s last job was as a mixer at the Milwaukee Ambrosia Chocolate Factory, wherein he kept one of his victim’s heads in his locker.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s eyeglasses are called aviator glasses. This type of glasses has been referred to as serial killer glasses since numerous similar killers also wore aviator glasses.

His stepmom revealed that he refused to wear his glasses during the trial because he didn’t want to see anyone’s face. Dahmer wore them only when he was sentenced to 16 consecutive life terms or 957 years in prison.

Bridget Geiger was Jeffrey Dahmer’s partner for senior prom, but Dahmer left her to meet his boyfriend. Dahmer returned three hours after the event happened, though, and offered to take Geiger home. Luckily, Geiger was sent home safely despite Dahmer being slightly drunk. Dahmer revealed to Geiger that he was gay a few months later.

Jeffrey Dahmer got baptized in prison on May 10, 1994. The same day, another serial killer, John Wayne Gacy, was sentenced to death using lethal injection. And if that wasn’t enough, a solar eclipse also happened during this day.

To murder his victims, Jeffrey Dahmer needed to drink alcohol because he didn’t want to kill them. In his exact words, it was just a means to an end. This fact caused the families of Dahmer’s victims to try and sue Budweiser. They claimed that the company’s advertisem*nt played a vital role in Dahmer’s alcoholism, which led to his crimes.

Another beer company named Adroit Theory made a pack of beer called “Murder Box” dedicated to Dahmer and other serial killers. Of course, people criticized the company for its mind-boggling marketing campaign.

Derf Backderf, a classmate of Jeffrey Dahmer in high school, made a graphic novel about him called My Friend Dahmer in 2012, which became a movie directed by Marc Meyers in 2017. It showed Dahmer’s life before being a serial killer, showing his loneliness in high school despite trying to make friends.

Jeffrey Dahmer was a class clown during high school, photobombing several yearbook photos and pretending to have seizures that his classmates called “doing a Dahmer.”

While in prison, Dahmer still made disturbing jokes by making his food look like body parts and using ketchup to resemble blood. This made inmates uncomfortable and resulted in another inmate killing him in 1994.

Dahmer used the drug Halcion for his victims. It was his prescribed sleeping medication while working the graveyard shift at the chocolate factory. He would pour it into his victim’s drink, and once asleep, he would start doing erotic activities, performing brain surgery (hoping to turn them into zombies), and eating them.

Dahmer said the meat of his victims tasted like filet mignon.

As well as The Exorcist III, Jeffrey Dahmer was also obsessed with Star Wars. Dahmer even wore yellow contact lenses to resemble the Star Wars villain, the Emperor.

Oxford Apartments, where Dahmer lived from May 1990 to July 1991, was bought for $325,000 by the Campus Circle Project – an organization that focuses on neighborhood redevelopment. They helped the tenants find new homes and demolished the apartment in November 1992.

There were plans to make a memorial for Dahmer’s victims; however, the mayor of Milwaukee at the time, Cavalier Johnson, didn’t continue the idea because he feared it would entice people with bad intentions, such as Dahmer’s fans who sent the serial killer letters and money in prison.

The money Dahmer’s fans sent him in prison amounted to $12,000.

Taxidermy, or preserving an animal’s skin, was one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s few interests during his younger years. He also collected the bones of animals and was thrilled with the sounds they made.

Other than killing tadpoles with motor oil, Dahmer didn’t harm any other animals, though, certainly not Frisky – his dog when he was seven years old. Dahmer only did his hobby with roadkill.

Besides these horrifying interests, he also tried out physical activities like playing tennis and joining the high school band.

Jeffrey Dahmer had a blue drum inside the room of his apartment filled with three dismembered torsos that were dissolved in acid.

The police also discovered many horrific things inside his refrigerator, like heads, male private parts, and a heart. Dahmer said he did this to remember their appearance and to keep them company. This also explains why he took photos of his victims during, before, and after his crime.

Dahmer’s disturbing actions in prison made inmates uncomfortable and resulted in Christopher Scarver killing him in the prison gymnasium using a metal bar, which he removed from a piece of gym equipment. Dahmer was murdered on November 28, 1994, at age 34. According to Scarver, Dahmer did not fight back. Instead, he seemed to accept his fate.

30 Bone-Chilling Facts About Jeffrey Dahmer - The Fact Site (1)

Everybody has a dark side, but Jeffrey Dahmer’s was far darker.

You wouldn’t suspect that he has killed and eaten people just by looking at him.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s crimes are so scary that you can’t even look at a blue drum the same way again.

You’ll surely shiver in fear once you listen to his detailed explanation about dismembering his victims and what he did afterward to their dead bodies.

30 Bone-Chilling Facts About Jeffrey Dahmer - The Fact Site (2024)
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