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September 1991

It was another cloudy morning in Wisconsin. The surrounding landscape, buildings and road were shrouded in a thick fog. Drops of water started falling on the windshield of the Chevrolet Camaro, which turned into a heavy rain within moments. The car was heading down the highway towards the university campus.

,,When do we get there?“ asked a brown-haired girl with a cup of coffee in one hand and a newspaper in the other.

The man sitting in the driver's seat, patiently concentrating on the road ahead, just uttered: ,,twenty minutes.“ He tossed his head occasionally, because his dark brown curls were falling into his eyes. ,,Any news?“ he asked as the girl folded the newspaper in half.

,,Hmm...just that some car ran in front of a train, but luckily no one was hurt and then there's just politics“ she said, taking a sip of coffee. ,,God, they forgot to put sugar in mine like I wanted“ she contorted her face.

,,And something positive?“ he asked still looking at the road, which was drenched with streams of rain.

,,There's an article about Jeffrey...Jeffrey Dahmer.“

,,That doesn't sound very positive, but what does it say?“ he asked with interest.

,,Police investigators uncovered hundreds of bone fragments in the woodland in Ohio, behind the adress in which Dahmer had confessed to killing his first victim“ she said, shifting her gaze to the photo below the article.

,,It's getting worse for him, isn't it?“

She didn't say anything, just kept looking at the photo. It showed Jeff in the courtroom. He sat on a wooden bench and looked ahead without a trace of emotion. His stare was blank. It was as if he was resigned to anything.

,,Gwen?“ her colleague, still waiting for an answer, turned to her and looked at the newspaper she had laid on her thighs. ,,Oh it's photo of-“

Her gaze shifted to the windshield at the speed of light, as she bulged her eyes and screamed: ,,David stop!“

He turned back and braked hard. The car jolted slightly when it stopped just in front of another car. It was a few years old AMG Hammer. Smoke began to rise from the tyres as a result of the hard braking. A group of four teenagers were sitting in the car. The boy in the driver's seat was obviously shaken, but angrily said: ,,You idiot, you almost ruined my car! If we weren't in a hurry for some f*cking training course, I'd punch you.“

,,Same for you, woman“ his friend said towards Gwen.

,,Hey kid don't-“ David started, but Gwen interrupted him by putting her hand on his and snapped at him: ,,Don't say another word.“

The black Hammer drove away to the sound of squealing tires. Gwen put down the newspaper spilled with coffee, and the cup, which was half empty and she began to clean her trousers and blouse, on which the coffee drops were slowly drying, ,,You should stop driving“ she frowned and started buttoning her jacket.

,,I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to do that“ said David as he parked. He took his work case and all the necessary documents for the training course. They were invited to the University of Wisconsin at Madison to provide training on the psychology of murderers and serial killers to the students here. They walked through the parking lot, past an avenue of trees until they came to a sign that read: Department of Psychology, so they walked in. After waiting for a while, the head professor of psychology took over and led them into a large classroom with hundreds of seats. They arrived on time, most of the seats were already filled. Gwen put all the necessary documents on the table and David did the same. On the screen behind them was the topic of today's training: The Psychology of murderers and serial killers.

,,Good morning, everyone. My name is Doctor Gwen Collins and I'm psychiatrist and therapist“ she introduced herself and pointed her hand on Daniel who was leaning against the table top with his arms crossed over his chest, ,,and this is my colleague Daniel Williams, he's a criminologist.“ He straightened, raised his hand in greeting and smiled.

,,Okay, let's start with a simple question. Who can tell me the difference between a murderer and a serial killer?“ she asked.

Several hands went up in the room. She randomly chose an extravagantly dressed redheaded girl. ,,I would say that a murderer is someone who intentionally kills another person, whether a well known person or a complete stranger. In aggression, he may kill indiscriminately, but he may also have the murder planned. And a serial killer is someone who is either mentally disturbed or simply has a desire to kill other people. Most of the time this is due to bad family relationships or abuse in childhood, and the child will eventually lose control and may start killing in adulthood. A serial killer is someone who kills multiple people. His killing spree usually lasts for months or years and he kills people at certain times.“

,,An exhaustive answer, thank you“ Gwen said in amazement. ,,As a psychiatrist and therapist, I have met many people. Many murderers. I specialize in them. I've worked with women, men, younger and older. My job is to find out if the act was premeditated or if the killer has a mental illness. It's weeks, even months of questioning the person who committed the crime, but also finding out information from their loved ones. And now I give the floor to David too.“

,,Thanks, Gwen“ he said, walking past her with his hands behind his back. ,,As you all know, I'm a criminalist. My job is to investigate murders directly at the scene. I analyze and interpret physical evidence and then report the results to the justice system.“ Then he held up a plastic bag with an object inside. Many of the students put their hands in front of their mouths and whispers began to spread through the room. ,,As you've all recognized, this is a knife, specifically a crime scene knife. A mother used it to kill her three children. Gwen subsequently interrogated the woman. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder with aggressive tendencies.“ David said, walking over to the table and putting the bag with the knife in his work case. He then showed the students more items from various crime scenes - a torn T-shirt splattered with dried blood, a hammer, a scarf and a gun.

,,Ahh time is running out fast, so I'll ask if anyone has any questions?“ David asked after finding out from the clock on the wall that they were there 20 minutes longer than they were supposed to be.

A boy's voice echoed through the room. He was sitting in the middle row, wearing a white cap with Colorado written on it. Coincidentally, it was the same boy David had almost hit on the road. ,,What do you both think of the Dahmer cannibal case?“ he uttered without thinking. The whole room fell into silence and everyone waited impatiently for an answer. It was no wonder, this is a subject that has been moving America for three months now.

Gwen and David looked at each other. David then took the floor. ,,Well, of course it's a terrible and shocking case. We've both never investigated a case like this, so I guess that's all we can say. Let the professionals working the case decide Jeff's punishment. So thank you all for your attention and be careful you don't turn into murderers, too“ he joked and Gwen hit him gently on the arm. Laughter was heard from the students. Then they began to pack all the things they had brought with them.

,,Um, excuse me?“ a man's voice sounded behind them both. They turned to the voice. ,,It was interesting training course and the items from the crime scenes...very impressive“ he said approvingly. ,,Oh sorry, I haven't introduced myself yet. I'm Matthew Smith, also a criminalist. I'm working on the Jeffrey Dahmer case.“

,,How can we help?“ David asked, still packing the things. Gwen stood by, examining the man with her eyes.

,,I came to you specifically, doctor Collins“ he turned his gaze to her. ,,I read many of your articles and you seem really professional. I think you'd be perfect for that job.“

Gwen looked at the man in confusion, ,,Uhm, what kind of job?“

,,Being Jeffrey Dahmer's psychiatrist. I'm not forcing you into anything. You don't have to decide right away, but we need someone professional. Your job would be to find out if Dahmer has a mental disorder. It would be the same job you're used to. All interrogations would be tape-recorded and then played back in the courtroom during trials, which you will also attend.“

Gwen's heart raced, her cheeks flushed with heat and her pulse pounded to the top of her head. She rubbed her sweaty palms. ,,My last case ended a week ago. I was planning on taking at least a month off. I don't know if I'm ready for a new case now.“

,,Maybe we could convince the court that Dahmer is sick, his family would appreciate it, and I'm sure he would too. We don't know what's in his mind. Life in prison is not easy and he has committed crimes so serious, that it looks like life sentence. The other prisoners will make his life a living hell. We would appreciate your help. Jeffrey and his family are familiar with everything, same as his lawyers, judge and prison director in Wisconsin. We're just waiting for your decision“ he said with hope in his voice.

Gwen really didn't know what to say, she was faced with a difficult situation, a difficult decision. ,,Can I have some time to think about it?“

,,Of course, it would be best if you call by the end of the week. If you would agree, here's the contact for the prison director Mr.Rivera, he'll be waiting for you on Monday morning at the Wisconsin prison“ he handed her a business card with contact information.

,,That's pretty fast“ she sighed.

,,There's no reason to hold this up. Think about it“ he said smiling and with a handshake he left.

,,Wow, I didn't see that coming. Why didn't you agree to it right away? This is a unique offer“ David said with his arms crossed on his chest.

,,I'm really nervous about it right now. I don't think I've ever had a worse killer and now I'm supposed to spend few months with him?“

,,Just stay professional as always. You can do it.“ David patted Gwen on the shoulder.

Behind blue eyes || Jeffrey Dahmer - Chapter 1 - MoNikita (2024)
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