How many billionaires are there in the world in 2011? - Answers (2024)

There are over 1,000 billionaires currently in the world. See related link for names and amounts!

The overwhelming most of the billionaires are included in the Forbes 2012 list which is regarded as the international official list.

Normally , out of experience when business persons ask about the Billionaires there is a reason for it in the back of their heads such as increased business.

Others are interested out of curiosity , for academic reasons or for publicity reasons or for fund raising activity reasons or to find out how these persons became billionaires in the first place.

Forbes is an excellent place to start virtually for free and if you have a credit card with a few units of thousands of United States Dollars on it to spent , excellent lists can be obtained with verified and audited correct contact details from Ben H. Campbell with the following contact details :



Phone: 323-573-2501

There is however a cheaper website option called where you can get all the United States Billionaires home mailing addresses. These are probably better than the email addresses because you get the letter right into their mailboxes, thus getting the letter right into the billionaires home. Chances are better of getting a reply that way. Several people have had great success with mailing a letter directly to their home. (which is back ground information provided you want the details as business contacts or as a fund rasing drive contact portal).

There are a lot of possible search recommendations. These list is nowhere complete , but it will give you a few pointers as a start in the correct direction :

In the event that you have a fund rasing drive in mind for a worthy and deserving welfare or social responsibility purpose in mind , the following is pointers and recommendations as initial steps that might hopefully be helpful in the correct direction , even for business it might be highly valuable (a very few people that are insignificant in numbers of 7 ' 000 ' 000 ' 000 people on planet Earth has a high percentage of its power and value directly and indirectly under their control De Facto) :

The first step would be to complete as much as possible complete a full list of all rich people on the planet and then to compare it with all known philantrophists.

It must be stated that there are more than 40 Billionaires that together with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation , Microsoft Corporation of Medina , Washington State , United States of America and Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway Corporation of Omaha

(together with his son Howard Buffett of De Wildt Cheetah Centre , Hartbeespoortdam , Republic of South Africa ) , of Nebraska State , United States of America that has made an Astronomical Philantrophist Pledge in Principle.

Recommended ideas and/or books in the search :

Recommendation 1 :

Sunday Times Rich List 2006-2007 was published by A & C Black in December 2006 (ISBN 978-0713679410). This list with office addresses the richest 5000 multi billionaires , billionaires and penta (supermulti and multi) millionaires in the United Kingdom and Great Britain.

It has been compiled by the Rich List Staff of the London Sunday Times with the editor listed as

Dr Philip Beresford, with Tristian Davies serving as the executive editor in later years.

Recommendation 2 :

Sunday Times Rich List 2007-2008 was due to be published by A & C Black in November 2007 (ISBN 978-0713685152) but no book appeared due to a deadlock between the publishers and The Sunday Times. The publisher was keen to carry on but only if a CD version was attached to the book. The Sunday Times would not allow this as it would give competitors a chance to develop their own database and launch rival rich lists

Recommendation 3 : Asia's Wealth Club: A Who's Who of Business and Billionaires (in the greater Asia area) (ISBN 9781857881622): Geoff Hisco*ck: Books.

This lists all the Billionaires in the greater Asia area a few years back with references of their specific companies

Recommendation 4 :

Eurobusiness Magazine Rich 400 list for richest Europeans back Issues

for e.g from 3 February 2000

Recommendation 5 :

Who's Who of the World

Many of the World's Leaders and Decision Makers and even Billionaires has in depth details and sometimes with e-mail addresses

Recommendation 6:

International Who's Who of the World

Both the Who's Who of the World , and preferably of the last couple of years together with the International Who's Who of the World should be looked up for every single Billionaire

Recommendation 7:

Regional Who's Who of certain globe regions is very valuable for e.g Who's Who in the United States of America is very valuable , and also smaller areas for e.g Who's Who of Southern Africa list the richest black billionaire on the planet e-mail as

( standing for African Rainbow Minerals)

Recommendation 8:

Some of the Forbes lists specifically list residence and source with the specific home town residence such as the 2011 Forbes 400 listing the richest 400 Billionaires in the United States of America

Recommendation 9:

ThinkResource.Org has one the most in depth Rich List links on the Planet from one platform available. It is however needed to join them with a specific Username and Password as a Login after joining them.

This includes the following :

Rich Lists from around the world

Here you'll find a fairly comprehensive list of Rich Lists from around

the world that are all included in ThinkResource.Org databases:


* Asian Rich List - index of Britain's Asian millionaires compiled

by Philip Beresford

* Asian Rich List - compiled by Dr Spinder Dhaliwal and published

in Eastern Eye's Success Magazine

* Birmingham Post Midland Rich List 2006

* City & Guilds Vocational Rich List 2007 - charts the wealth of

the UK's top millionaires, who have all made their money using their

work-related training

* icCoventry Midland Rich List

* Estates Gazette Rich List - contains Britain's top property

magnates in order of wealth

* Greek Rich List 2007 - compiled by Philip Beresford profiles the

top 50 richest Greeks in the UK

* Kent Life Rich List 2008 - the top 50 wealthiest pepople in Kent

* Midlands Rich List - supplement from Business Insider magazine

* North West Rich List - supplement from Business Insider magazine

* Public Sector Rich List 2007 - list of the most highly paid

people in the public sector

* Reality TV Celebrity Rich List - list of the top 10 celebrities

who have appeared on reality TV in the UK

* Rich List 2020 - 20 young British stars-in-the-making (from 2003)

* South West Rich List - supplement from Business Insider magazine

* Sunday Times Rich List 2007 - definitive guide to the richest

1000 people in Britain and Ireland

* Sunday Times Rich List 2007 - Top 5,000 - book version of the

paper's supplement that includes 5000 of Britain's richest individuals

* Surrey Life Rich List 2007 - the top 50 wealthiest pepople in Surrey

* Sussex Life Rich List 2008 - the top 50 wealthiest pepople in Sussex

* Town Hall Rich List 2008 - list of local authority employees who

earn over £100,000 a year from the taxpayer

* Welsh Rich List - supplement from Business Insider magazine

* Yorkshire Rich List - supplement from Business Insider magazine


* The Forbes 400 - list of the 400 richest Americans

* America's Top 100 Asian Entrepreneurs

* Top 10 Asian American Corporate Superstars

Australia and New Zealand

* Australia and New Zealand's 40 Richest

* 2007 BRW Rich 200 - covers the 200 richest Australians

* BRW Australian Executive Rich List

* BRW Australian Young Rich List

* The National Business Review 2007 Rich List - lists New

Zealanders, both local and expatriate, worth more than NZ$50 million

* Australian Resources Rich List 2007 - lists the top 100

investors in the Australian resources industry

* New Zealand Legal Aid Rich List 2007 - lists the top 25 legal

aid lawyers in New Zealand


* The Rich 100: Canada's wealthiest people - Lists the top 100

richest people in Canada


* China RIch List 2008

* China Rich List 2007

* Richest Women in China List 2006 - lists the top 50 richest

women in China for 2006

Eastern Europe

* Eastern European Rich List - list of the top 100 richest eastern europeans


* Le 500 Plus Grandes Fortunes - Lists the 500 richest people in

France in 2007


* Top 55 Richest Germans/Top 10 Richest Families


* The Football Rich List 2007 - lists the world's wealthiest

football directors and highest earning football players

* The Virgin Money Spend List 2007 - looks at how the financial

elite spend their money, where they spend it and who spends the most

* The World's Billionaires

* World's 5 Richest Families

* New Economy Millionaires Rich List (2006) - contains a number of

people not found in the Sunday Times Rich List

Hong Kong and Taiwan

* Hong Kong and Taiwan's 40 Richest

* Hong Kong's 40 Richest 2008 (different to the above)

* Hong Kong's 40 Richest 2009


* India's Top 10 Billionaires

* The Billionaire Club - Lists the 533 richest people in India,

including 48 dollar billionaires


* Indonesia's 40 Richest - Forbes' list of the wealthiest 40

Indonesians from 2006


* Israel's 40 Richest


* Japan's 40 Richest


* Korea's 40 Richest


* Malaysia's 40 Richest

Middle East

* Arabian Business Rich List 2007


* Monaco Rich List 2007 - list of Monaco's 30 richest British residents


* Quote 500 - List of the top 500 richest people in the Netherlands


* Pakistan Rich List 2008 - List of the 44 richest people in

Pakistan (unknown source)


* Polish Top 100 Rich List


* Singapore's 40 Richest


* Swiss Billionaires Rich List

* Swiss Rich List 300 - list of the 300 richest people in

Switzerland (in million swiss francs)


* The 40 Richest Turks

Recommendation 10:

The latest Wikipedia Reference Billionaire is also a good place to start with reliable links

Recommendation 11:

The Forbes latest 2011 list of Billionaires : Go to and follow the lists is most probably the first place to start

Recommendation 12:

The World Wealth Report and previous years back Issues can also be helpful

Recommendation 13:

The Foremost World Authority on the contact details of Billionaires that are purchasable is Ben Campbell that has the direct contact details of several hunderd Billionaires on the Planet available. He has published a few advertisem*nts on free press release.

In my opinion there are 3 international experts on thissubject.The most important of them is Ben Campbell that has launchedextensive advertisem*nts on freepress release.WebSite:http://www.billionaires.00cash.comSeveral lists for sale has been drawn up over the yearsby him.When the most powerful political parties in theUnited States and other countries want funding,his lists is the first place to start.His phone number in the USA was at a stageTelephone:323-573-2501BEN CAMPBELL Executive Advisor.He is one of the only experts in the world with directhome address , telephone email etc. contactable quick details.for. e.g.His advisory service also provides you with the "home addresses" of 334 billionaires. Gives you the "home telephone numbers" of 164 billionaires. Gives you the wives names of 228 billionaires.The other international expert , that is the best to get the Billionaires to actually give some cash out isformer President of the United States of America Bill Clinton , as reported in the Readers Digest of January 2011on page 54 till 61.He is doing it via the William J. Clinton Foundation and the specific attempt is called the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).Steve Forbes is running Forbes magazine and website andis the foremost Financial Executive Expert on the Planetfor Financial Executive Reporting.

Recommendation 14:

Photos_of_about_227_Billionaires_and_Celebrities_in_the_U.S.A._">Photos_of_about_227_Billionaires_and_Celebrities_in_the_U.S.A._">Photos_of_about_227_Billionaires_and_Celebrities_in_the_U.S.A._">Photos of about 227 Billionaires and Celebrities in the U.S.A. 15 : Name Net Worth Age Residence(as per City and U.S.A. State) Source1Bill Gates $59 B 55 Medina, Washington Microsoft2Warren Buffett $39 B 81 Omaha, Nebraska Berkshire Hathaway3Larry Ellison $33 B 67 Woodside, California Oracle4Charles Koch $25 B 75 Wichita, Kansas diversified4David Koch $25 B 71 New York, New York diversified6Christy Walton $24.5 B 56 Jackson, Wyoming Wal-Mart7George Soros $22 B 81 Katonah, New York hedge funds8Sheldon Adelson $21.5 B 78 Las Vegas, Nevada casinos9Jim Walton $21.1 B 63 Bentonville, Arkansas Wal-Mart10Alice Walton $20.9 B 61 Fort Worth, Texas Wal-Mart11S. Robson Walton $20.5 B 67 Bentonville, Arkansas Wal-Mart12Michael Bloomberg $19.5 B 69 New York, New York Bloomberg LP13Jeff Bezos $19.1 B 47 Seattle, Washington Amazon.com14Mark Zuckerberg $17.5 B 27 Palo Alto, California Facebook15Sergey Brin $16.7 B 38 Los Altos, California Google15Larry Page $16.7 B 38 Palo Alto, California Google17John Paulson $15.5 B 55 New York, New York hedge funds18Michael Dell $15 B 46 Austin, Texas Dell19Steve Ballmer $13.9 B 55 Hunts Point, Washington Microsoft20Forrest Mars $13.8 B 80 Big Horn, Wyoming candy20Jacqueline Mars $13.8 B 71 The Plains, Virginia candy20John Mars $13.8 B 75 Jackson, Wyoming candy, pet food23Paul Allen $13.2 B 58 Mercer Island, Washington Microsoft, investments24Phil Knight $13.1 B 73 Hillsboro, Oregon Nike25Carl Icahn $13 B 75 New York, New York leveraged buyouts26Donald Bren $12 B 79 Newport Beach, California real estate26Anne Cox Chambers $12 B 91 Atlanta, Georgia media26Ronald Perelman $12 B 68 New York, New York leveraged buyouts29Abigail Johnson $11.7 B 49 Milton, Massachusetts Fidelity30James Simons $10.6 B 73 East Setauket, New York hedge funds31George Kaiser $10 B 69 Tulsa, Oklahoma oil & gas, banking32Len Blavatnik $9.5 B 54 London, N/A diversified33Harold Simmons $9.3 B 80 Dallas, Texas investments34Jack Taylor $9 B 89 St. Louis, Missouri Enterprise Rent-A-Car35Steve Cohen $8.3 B 55 Greenwich, Connecticut hedge funds36Harold Hamm $7.5 B 65 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma oil & natural gas37Rupert Murdoch $7.4 B 80 New York, New York News Corp38James Goodnight $7.1 B 68 Cary, North Carolina SAS Institute39Philip Anschutz $7 B 71 Denver, Colorado investments39Andrew Beal $7 B 58 Dallas, Texas banks, real estate39Steve Jobs $7 B 56 Palo Alto, California Apple, Pixar39Patrick Soon-Shiong $7 B 59 Los Angeles, California generic drugs43Samuel Newhouse $6.6 B 83 New York, New York Conde Nast44Ray Dalio $6.5 B 62 Greenwich, Connecticut hedge funds44Edward Johnson $6.5 B 81 Boston, Massachusetts Fidelity46Charles Ergen $6.4 B 58 Denver, Colorado EchoStar46Richard Kinder $6.4 B 66 Houston, Texas pipelines48Eli Broad $6.3 B 78 Los Angeles, California investments48Leonard Lauder $6.3 B 78 New York, New York Estee Lauder50Pierre Omidyar $6.2 B 44 Honolulu, Hawaii Ebay50Eric Schmidt $6.2 B 56 Atherton, California Google52Ralph Lauren $6.1 B 71 New York, New York Ralph Lauren53Jim Kennedy $6 B 63 Atlanta, Georgia media53Blair Parry-Okeden $6 B 60 Scone, N/A media55Donald Newhouse $5.9 B 81 Somerset County, New Jersey Conde Nast55Ira Rennert $5.9 B 77 Sagaponack, New York investments57Charles Butt $5.7 B 73 San Antonio, Texas supermarkets58David Geffen $5.5 B 68 Malibu, California movies, music59Jeffrey Hildebrand $5.3 B 52 Houston, Texas Oil60Richard DeVos $5 B 85 Holland, Michigan Amway60Richard LeFrak $5 B 66 New York, New York real estate60Frederik G.H. Meijer $5 B 91 Grand Rapids, Michigan supermarkets60Thomas Peterffy $5 B 67 Greenwich, Connecticut discount brokerage60David Tepper $5 B 54 Livingston, New Jersey hedge funds60Dennis Washington $5 B 77 Missoula, Montana construction, mining66Robert Rowling $4.7 B 57 Dallas, Texas investments66Stephen Schwarzman $4.7 B 64 New York, New York investments66Sam Zell $4.7 B 69 Chicago, Illinois real estate, private equity69Rupert Johnson $4.5 B 70 Burlingame, California Franklin Resources69John Malone $4.5 B 70 Elizabeth, Colorado cable television69John Menard $4.5 B 71 Eau Claire, Wisconsin Retail72Charles Johnson $4.4 B 78 Hillsborough, California financial services73Ray Lee Hunt $4.3 B 68 Dallas, Texas oil, real estate73Bruce Kovner $4.3 B 66 New York, New York hedge funds75Micky Arison $4.2 B 62 Bal Harbour, Florida Carnival Cruises75Leonard Stern $4.2 B 73 New York, New York real estate75Daniel Ziff $4.2 B 39 New York, New York investments75Dirk Ziff $4.2 B 47 North Palm Beach, Florida investments75Robert Ziff $4.2 B 45 New York, New York investments80Sumner Redstone $4.1 B 88 Beverly Hills, California Viacom81John Paul DeJoria $4 B 67 Austin, Texas hair products, tequila81David Green $4 B 69 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Hobby Lobby81William Koch $4 B 71 Palm Beach, Florida oil, investments81Roger Wang $4 B 62 Nanjing, Jiangsu retail85Leslie Wexner $3.8 B 74 New Albany, Ohio retail86Henry Kravis $3.7 B 67 New York, New York leveraged buyouts86Gordon Moore $3.7 B 82 Woodside, California Intel88Robert Bass $3.6 B 63 Fort Worth, Texas oil, investments88Jin Sook & Do Won Chang $3.6 B 56 Beverly Hills, California retail88Trevor Rees-Jones $3.6 B 60 Dallas, Texas Oil & Gas91John Arnold $3.5 B 37 Houston, Texas hedge funds91Dustin Moskovitz $3.5 B 27 San Francisco, California Facebook91Henry Ross Perot $3.5 B 81 Dallas, Texas computer services, real estate91John Sall $3.5 B 63 Cary, North Carolina SAS Institute91Charles Schwab $3.5 B 74 Atherton, California discount brokerage96Dannine Avara $3.4 B 47 Houston, Texas pipelines96Gayle Cook $3.4 B 77 Bloomington, Indiana medical devices96Scott Duncan $3.4 B 28 Houston, Texas Pipelines96Milane Frantz $3.4 B 42 Houston, Texas Pipelines96Bruce Halle $3.4 B 81 Paradise Valley, Arizona Discount Tire

Recommendation 16: gives profile lists of the world's top billionaires including :Carlos Slim Helu William Gates III Warren BuffettMukesh Ambani Lakshmi Mittal Lawrence EllisonBernard Arnault Eike Batista Amancio OrtegaKarl Albrecht Ingvar Kamprad Christy WaltonStefan Persson Li Ka-shing Jim WaltonAlice Walton Liliane Bettencourt S. Robson WaltonPrince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud David Thomson Michael OttoLee Shau Kee Michael Bloomberg Sergey BrinCharles Koch David Koch Larry PageMichele Ferrero Azim Premji Kwok familyTheo Albrecht Vladimir Lisin Steven BallmerRobert Kuok George Soros Anil AmbaniPaul Allen Michael Dell Mikhail ProkhorovBirgit Rausing Shashi & Ravi Ruia Mikhail FridmanJeffrey Bezos Savitri Jindal Donald Bren

Recommendation 17:

The following link list the Billionaires as per specific state in the U.S.A. :

Recommendation 18:

The Hurun Rich List of China for 2011 is another source : download the complete list in an excel format scroll down to the link at the end of their discussion summaryand look for : Hurun Rich List 2011 Excel Download :2011 Rank 2011 Wealth US$m 2010 Rank 2010 Wealth US$m Name Company1 11,000 4 5,400 Liang Wengen Sany2 10,700 1 11,800 Zong Qinghou & family Wahaha3 8,800 5 5,300 Li Yanhong Baidu4 7,800 5 5,300 Yan Bin Ruoy Chai5 7,200 25 3,400 Xu Jiayin Evergrande Property6 7,100 7 5,100 Wang Jianlin Wanda7 6,600 15 4,100 Wu Yajun & family Longfor Properties8 6,400 7 5,100 Liu Yongxing & family East Hope9 6,300 18 3,700 He Xiangjian & family Midea Group10 5,600 21 3,500 Yang Huiyan & family Country Garden11 5,500 7 5,100 Zhang Jindong Suning11 5,500 297 690 Li Shuirong & family RongSheng Holdings13 5,300 11 4,700 Ma Huateng Tencent13 5,300 13 4,300 Shen Wenrong Sha Gang Group13 5,300 168 1,000 Qiu Guanghe & family Semir Group16 5,200 16 4,000 Chen Lihua Fu Wah International16 5,200 21 3,500 Huang Guangyu & family Pengrun Investment18 5,000 25 3,400 Zhou Chengjian & family Metersbonwe19 4,700 13 4,300 Lu Guanqiu & family Wanxiang Group19 4,700 18 3,700 Liu Yonghao & family New Hope Group19 4,700 25 3,400 Lu Zhiqiang FanHai19 4,700 25 3,400 Sun Guangxin Guanghui Group19 4,700 220 840 Zhang Shiping & family Weiqiao Pioneering24 4,400 3 5,600 Zhang Yin & family Nine Dragons Paper24 4,400 29 3,200 Huang Wei & Li Ping XinHu Group26 4,200 29 3,200 Du Shuanghua Rizhao Iron and Steel27 4,150 43 2,600 Chen Zhuolin & family Agile Properties28 4,100 21 3,500 Chen Fashu Xinhuadu Industrial Group28 4,100 21 3,500 Zhu Mengyi & family Hopson / Pearl River Investment30 4,000 38 2,900 Zhang Zhirong & family Hengsheng Holding, Rongsheng Heavy Industry31 3,900 10 4,900 Xu Rongmao & family Shimao32 3,800 29 3,200 Liu Canglong & Liu Hailong Hongda Group33 3,600 38 2,900 Tong Jinquan Changfeng Real Estate34 3,400 29 3,200 Rong Zhijian Citic Pacific34 3,400 38 2,900 Li Jinyuan Tiens34 3,400 43 2,600 Ding Lei Netease37 3,300 2 5,900 Li Li & family Hepalink37 3,300 29 3,200 Zhu Yicai & Wu Xueqin Yurun Group37 3,300 51 2,200 Pan Shiyi & Zhang Xin SOHO China40 3,200 29 3,200 Xiuli Hawken & family Renhe Group

Recommendation 19 :

Several sites on the internet alledge to have valuableinformation.Although there are unfortunately also unethical andquestionable sites , some is genuine.These 2 are an example of what is available :The following sites also advertise that they have contact details of the rich available :for e.g. for corporations and companies : ;rsalists@gmail.comRSA TeleservicesInvestors & Millionaires Email ListRSA Teleservices has the largest Investor & Millionaires Email List available on the market, we have a database of over 7 Million.Did you know that there were over 7 Million Millionaires in America, according to the latest survey ? *2. for private individualsfor e.g. has an advertisem*nt for sale for 20 000 millionaire contact details

Recommendation 20:

1: William Gates III ($46.5 bil)

Microsoft Corporation

Board of Directors

c/o William Gates, Chairman

One Microsoft Way

Redmond, WA 98052-6399



Phone: +1-425-882-8080

Fax: +1-425-936-7329

E-Mail (direct):


2: Warren Buffett ($44.0 bil)

Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

c/o Warren Buffett, Chairman

1440 Kiewit Plaza

Omaha, NE 68131



Phone: +1-402-346-1400

Fax: +1-402-346-3375


3: Lakshmi Mittal ($25.0 bil)

Mittal Steel Company Ltd.

c/o Lakshmi N. Mittal, Chairman

7th Floor

Berkeley Square House

Berkeley Square

London W1J 6DA



Phone: +44-20-7629-7988

Fax: +44-20-7629-7993

4: Carlos Slim Helu ($23.8 bil)

Telefonos de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.

Consejo de Administración

c/o Carlos Slim Helu, Presidente Honorario Vitalicio

Parque Via 198

Oficina 701

Colonia Cuauhtemoc

06599 Mexico, D.F.



Phone: +52-55-5703-3990

Fax: +52-55-5545-5550


5: Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud ($23.7 bil)

Kingdom Holding Company

c/o HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud, Chairman

Saudi Arabia Kingdom Tower

Riyadh, 11321

Saudi Arabia


Phone: +966-1-488-1111 / +966-1-211-1111

Fax: +966-1-481-1954/ +966-1-211-1112


6: Ingvar Kamprad ($23.0 bil)

IKEA International A/S

c/o Ingvar Kamprad, Founder

Sjögatan 1

25106 Helsingborg



Phone: +46-42-267-100

Fax: +46-42-132-805


7: Paul Allen ($21.0 bil)

Vulcan Inc.

c/o Paul G. Allen, Chairman

505 Fifth Ave S

Suite 900

Seattle, WA 98104



Phone: +1-206-342-2000

Fax: +1-206-342-3000


8: Karl Albrecht ($18.5 bil) Germany Germany , Mülheim an der Ruhr

Aldi (Süd) GmbH & Co. oHG

z.Hd. Karl Albrecht, Eigentümer

Burgstraße 37-39

45476 Mülheim an der Ruhr



Phone: +49-208-9927-0

Fax: +49-208-9927-249


9: Lawrence Ellison ($18.4 bil)

Oracle Corporation

c/o Lawrence Ellison, CEO

500 Oracle Parkway

Redwood Shores, CA 94065



Phone: +1-650-506-7000

Fax: +1-650-506-7200

10: S. Robson Walton ($18.3 bil)

Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

c/o S. Robson Walton, Chairman

702 SW 8th St.

Bentonville, AR 72716



Phone: +1-479-273-4000

Fax: +1-479-273-4053


11: Jim Walton ($18.2 bil)

Arvest Holdings Inc.

c/o Jim C. Walton, Chairman

125 W. Central, Ste. 218

Bentonville, AR 72712



Phone: +1-479-464-1500

11: John Walton ($18.2 bil)

Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

c/o John Walton, Director

702 SW 8th St.

Bentonville, AR 72716



Phone: +1-479-273-4000

Fax: +1-479-273-4053


13: Alice Walton ($18.0 bil)

Rocking W Ranch Inc.

c/o Alice Walton, Owner

10587 Hwy 281 South

Mineral Wells, TX 76067



Phone: +1-940-325-9440


13: Helen Walton ($18.0 bil)

The Walton Family Foundation

c/o Helen R. Walton, Founder

P.O. Box 2030

Bentonville, AR 72712



Phone: +1-479-464-1570

Fax: +1-479-464-1580

15: Kenneth Thomson & family ($17.9 bil)

The Thomson Corporation

c/o David K. R. Thomson, Chairman

Toronto-Dominion Bank Tower, 66 Wellington Street West

Toronto, Ontario M5K 1A1



Phone: +1-416-360-8700

Fax: +1-416-360-8812


16: Liliane Bettencourt ($17.2 bil)

Fondation Bettencourt Schueller

c/o Liliane Bettencourt, présidente

16 Place Vendôme

75001 Paris


17: Bernard Arnault ($17.0 bil)

LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA

c/o Bernard Arnault, président

22 avenue Montaigne

75008 Paris



Phone: +33-1-44-13-22-22

Fax: +33-1-44-13-21-19

18: Michael Dell ($16.0 bil)

Dell Inc.

c/o Michael S. Dell, Chairman

1 Dell Way

Round Rock, TX 78682-2222



Phone: +1-512-338-4400

Fax: +1-512-283-6161

E-Mail (direct):


19: Sheldon Adelson ($15.6 bil)

Las Vegas Sands Corp.

c/o Sheldon G. Adelson, Chairman

3355 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109



Phone: +1-702-414-1000

Fax: +1-702-414-4884

20: Theo Albrecht ($15.5 bil)

Aldi (Nord) GmbH & Co. oHG

z.Hd. Theo Albrecht, Eigentümer

Eckenbergstrasse 16

45307 Essen



Phone: +49-201-8593-0

Fax: +49-201-8593-319


21: Roman Abramovich ($13.3 bil)

Chelsea Football Club

c/o Roman Abramovich, Owner

Stamford Bridge

Fulham Road





Phone: +44-20-7915-2900

Fax: +44-20-7381-4831


22: Li Ka-shing ($13.0 bil)

Hutchinson Whampoa Ltd.

c/o Li Ka-shing, Chairman

Hutchison House, 21/F

10 Harcourt Rd.

Hong Kong


Phone: (852) 2521 2281

Fax: (852) 2810 0772


23: Amancio Ortega ($12.6 bil)

Industria de Diseño Textil, S.A.

c/o Amancio Ortega Gaona, Chairman

Edificio Inditex

Avenida de la Diputación

15142 Arteixo, La Coruña



Phone: +34-981-18-54-00

Fax: +34-981-18-55-44


24: Steven Ballmer ($12.1 bil)

Microsoft Corporation

Board of Directors

c/o Steven Ballmer, Chief Executive Officer

One Microsoft Way

Redmond, WA 98052-6399


Phone: +1-425-882-8080

Fax: +1-425-936-7329


25: Silvio Berlusconi ($12.0 bil)

Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri

Il Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri

Silvio Berlusconi

Palazzo Chigi

Piazza Colonna 370

00186 Roma



Phone: +39-06-67791 / +39-06-67793190

Fax: +39-06-67793169


Recommendation 21:

By using Excel Spreadsheets linking Billionaires to specific Companies (the function to use is Data and Sort) and to Compare it with Fortune 500 Company Databasisses and Global 2000 Databasis with Address Links such as the One from CNN International.As a rule of thumb some of the details will match.

Recommendation 22:

Professional Financial Journalists in the financial field that has done either direct or indirect interviews with Billionaires will have some of their details.

Recommendation 23:


Wildy & Sons Ltd - The World's Legal Bookshop : Who's Who 2012 Buy Who's Who 2012 , by A&C Black, ISBN 9781408142295, published by A & C Black from, the World's Legal Bookshop. Shipping in the UK is free ...

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YEARBOOK OF INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS Yearbook of International Organizations 2011/2012 - Vol 6: Who's ... Yearbook of International Organizations 2011/2012 - Vol 6: Who's Who in International ... ISBN 978-90-04-20377-8 (Vol 6) / ISBN 978-90-04-20517-8 (set). More ...

WHO'S WHO OF THE WORLD 2011 AC & BLACK EDITION Who's Who 2011 [Hardcover] A & C Black Publishers Ltd (Creator)

RRP: £200.00

Product details Hardcover: 2608 pages Publisher: A & C Black Publishers Ltd; 163rd Revised edition edition (6 Dec 2010) Language English ISBN-10: 140812856X ISBN-13: 978-1408128565 Product Dimensions: 27.6 x 21.2 x 7.2 cm

INTERNATIONAL WHO'S WHO OF THE WORLD 2011 EDITION The International Who's Who 2011 [Hardcover] Europa Publications (Editor)

RRP: £415.00 Price: £394.25

Product details Hardcover: 2356 pages Publisher: Routledge; 74 edition (18 Jun 2010) Language English ISBN-10: 185743546X ISBN-13: 978-1857435467 Product Dimensions: 30 x 22.8 x 7.8 cm

WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA MARQUIS 2012 Who's Who in America 2012 [Hardcover] Alison Perruso (Editor)

3 new from £730.49 2 used from £714.05

roduct details Hardcover Publisher: Marquis Who's Who; 66 edition (Sep 2011) Language English ISBN-10: 0837970350 ISBN-13: 978-0837970356 Product Dimensions: 29.7 x 24.4 x 17.8 cm

WHO'S WHO IN THE WORLD MARQUIS 2011 Who's Who in the World 2011 [Hardcover] Marquis Who's Who (Author)

1 new from £693.63 1 used from £693.62

Hardcover: 3091 pages Publisher: Marquis Who's Who; 28 edition (30 Nov 2010) Language English ISBN-10: 0837911451 ISBN-13: 978-0837911458 Product Dimensions: 27.9 x 22.4 x 7.1 cm Average Customer Review: Be the first to review this item Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 5,464,491 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

INTERNATIONAL WHO'S WHO OF THE WORLD 2012 The International Who's Who, ISBN 9781857436075 - Abbey's Bookshop ... Published annually since 1935, The International Who's Who 2012 is your source for hard-to-find biographical details on over 24000 of the world's most ...

The International Who's Who 2012 [Hardcover] Europa Publications (Editor) Be the first to review this item | Price: $785.00

Hardcover: 2436 pages Publisher: Routledge; 75 edition (June 22, 2011) Language: English ISBN-10: 1857436075 ISBN-13: 978-1857436075 Product Dimensions: 11.9 x 9.2 x 3.1 inches

Who's Who in the World 2012 -29th Edition Release Date: December 2011 Format(s): Hardcover ( 8.5 x 11 ) / PDF Pages: 3,108 ISBN: 978-0-8379-1147-2 Price: $347.00

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In order to pick up details of Billionaires of both current and previous years it is recommended to obtain both the latest and also previous editions of the by Europa Publications, Routledge Chapman Hall

International Who's Who International Who's Who, 73rd 2010 ed. by Europa Publications, Routledge Chapman Hall

ISBN-13: 9781857435108 ISBN: 1857435109

Trade paperback 2,458 pages

Routledge 2009

The International Who' Who of Europa Publications 2000 year addition Europa Publications ISBN 1 85743 050 6 or CDROM ISBN 1 85743 072 7 or BOOK and CDROM COMBINED ISBN 1 85743 073 5 from : Europa Publications Limited 18 Bedford Square London WC1B 3jn Tel: +44 171 580 8236 Fax: +44 171 580 3919 E-mail: Contact them by phone (800)200-9337 (202)544-7136 or by e-mail

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