Spotify Instafest: How To Create & Share Your Festival Lineup (2024)

For Spotify users who want to have some fun with their listening history, the Instafest website lets them create their very own festival lineup poster. The Spotify app does a great job of displaying users' favorite artists and even creates custom playlists based on this data. While all of this is nice to view inside the app, for those who want to show off their listening history, there are other options available.

One of the best things about Spotify is the integration it allows with third-party websites. By linking their Spotify account with any of these websites, users can do plenty of different things. For instance, there are sites that let users create custom playlists, and others that display a user's favorite artists and songs in an aesthetic card that can be shared on social media.


Instafest imagines a Spotify user's most listened-to artists as a festival lineup, and it's pretty similar to how Festify for Spotify works. Using the service is quite straightforward. From a web browser on a laptop or PC (the website isn't optimized for mobile), head to the Instafest website and click on the 'Sign in with Spotify' button. Users will need to give the website permission to access their Spotify account and data. Once granted, Instafest will automatically generate a festival lineup poster based on the account's listening history over the last six months. If users are happy with the generated image, they can proceed to save and share it, but there are a few customization options available.

Customize Your Spotify Instafest Poster

The first thing users can customize is the duration of the listening history, choosing from the last four weeks, last six months, or all-time. The first two options might result in a limited poster, and if that happens, select 'All-time' to receive a more detailed festival lineup. If there's enough listening data to create a detailed poster, Instafest should display a festival lineup spanning three days. The dates and days mentioned correspond to the current date. So if a poster is generated on Nov. 25, for instance, the festival dates displayed will be Nov. 25, Nov. 26, and Nov. 27.

The next thing to customize is the style. There are three options available – Malibu Sunrise, LA Twilight, and Mojave Dusk. The first option is a beach background with the rising sun, the second is the LA skyline at night, and the third option is a desert with the setting sun. Finally, the last available customization option is the festival name. By default, Instafest pulls the user's first name from their Spotify account and adds 'fest' to it, but this can be customized to pretty much anything or even left blank. There's also the option hide the username and display the festival name as 'Instafest' instead. Once done, click on 'Save and Share.' Spotify users will now be able to click on 'Save' to download their festival lineup, or 'Share' to share it with an app of their choice.

What Is The Instafest Basic Score?

Spotify Instafest: How To Create & Share Your Festival Lineup (2)

Apart from creating a festival lineup poster, Instafest also rates a person's listening history on Spotify with what it calls a "Basic Score." The Basic Score is a rating between 1 and 100, and it's based on how niche a person's festival music lineup is. A low score indicates that a person's festival lineup consists of mostly niche artists, while a high score means their lineup includes more popular artists.

Not all users will agree that niche artists warrant a low score, but for those who want to share their basic score on their festival poster, there's an easy way to do that. On the customization options under the festival name, check the box next to 'Show my Basic Score.' The score will now be displayed in the bottom right corner of the poster surrounded by a green indicator ring and the word 'Niche' or 'Popular,' depending on how high or low the score is. It's worth noting that switching between Spotify listening history durations will affect Instafest's Basic Score.

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Spotify Instafest: How To Create & Share Your Festival Lineup (2024)
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